Wednesday, September 28, 2011


our one and only Superman, Super Junior, has just released their Mr. Simple's repackage album called A-Cha. this album contains 4 new songs: A-Cha (the title track), Oops!! (feat. f(x)), A Day, and Andante. i've done a review when Mr. Simple came out, so i think i'll do the same now.

the first one will be about "A-Cha". as much as i love the boys, i must say that this song is not that impressive. not that i hate it but i kinda disappointed with the music, the dance, and also the mv. it looks like SM doesn't put any effort on it. the mv is plain, the song is not that great, the dance move is just like that. and if you look carefully, the mv looks a bit like Super Junior M's Perfection mv. take a look at it below:

the next song is "Oops!!". this song featured the vocal of f(x). at first i don't really get this song. but after i listened to it several times and read the english translation lyrics, i'm starting to like it. the lyrics are too witty, i can't stop laughing while reading it.

this song will be my most favorite song in this album. it called "A Day". since the first time i hear it, i'm blown away. this song is really beautiful and you can hear all of our boys voice. it also has beautiful lyrics. this song have a similar feeling with my favorite song from Mr. Simple album, "Y", but it actually very different. you can try to listen for it here.

the last song is "Andante". this beautiful ballad song is composed by our leader Leeteuk and our mochi boy Henry. they've been collaborated before during Bonamana era and composed a beautiful song called "All My Heart". i must say that Leeteuk and Henry are really talented in composing music cause their songs sounds good.

well, that's all my opinion about this repackage album. i hope i can do any review of more Super Junior album in the future. i know it's kinda impossible cause they'll be in hiatus for 2 years when Leeteuk enter the military but who knows if SJM is going to make any comeback soon? ;)

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