Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 years of love and happiness.

November 6th, 2005.
it was the very first time you stand on stage, performing as Super Junior. it was only 12 members back then. but 6 months later, you added one more member, the evil maknae, that makes you become 13. the incredible and irreplaceable 13 since then.

6 years later. November 6th, 2011. today.
you've gone through so much. you're not a rookie anymore. you're not an idol group anymore. you're a legend.
even though most of people think that you won't be able to survive after your 5th anniversary, but you're here now. at the 6th anniversary.
people look down at you. people not care about you. but you have the biggest supporter that will always love, support, and together with you, ELF. Ever Lasting Friends.

to our precious 13 boys.

Leeteuk, our wonderful leader - thank you for being the most wonderful leader ever. thank you for taking care of your 12 (+2) dongsaengs. thank you for not forgetting the existence of Zhoumi and Henry when you introducing the group as Super Junior. thank you for your infinity love to us, ELF. even though you'll gone to the army next year, but you're irreplaceable. there's no other leader like you. so, we will wait for you.

Heechul, our big space star - even though you're in the military service right now, but ELF won't forget about you. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of our leader. even though you rarely show your love for your members, but we know that deep in your heart you love them the most. we miss you and we will wait for you.

Hangeng, our Beijing fried rice - even though we don't want you to leave, but we respect your decision. thank you for being with Super Junior. thank you for being such a wonderful leader for Super Junior M. thank you for protecting Zhoumi and Henry. we miss you so much.

Yesung, our powerful main vocal - you're one of the best singer in SJ. but we know that deep in your heart, you want to be acknowledge as one of the main dancer. thank you for being such a unique personality. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun when you're in KRY. we hope you won't ever change.

Kangin, our strong raccoon - we know you're in the military service now but we also know that you'll be discharge really soon. thank you for always showing your love and support for the remaining members. we miss you so much and we will wait for you.

Shindong, our CEO - thank you for showing your bubbly personality to us. thank you for finally showing your beautiful voice in the 5th album. we know that at first you feel like you won't be fit in SJ but we believe in you and will always be with you.

Sungmin, our .jpeg man - we know you're quiet, but we also know that you have such a wonderful voice. thank you for always be the cheerful one. even though you said that you're the average member of SJ, but we know that you are more than that. we love you and we hope that you won't doubt our love for you.

Eunhyuk, our dancing myeolchi - you're the one and only dancing machine. thank you for always be happy. thank you for protecting Kyuhyun when both of you were in that car accident. thank you for loving your members from the bottom of your heart. we know you're really sincere and we hope that you won't ever change.

Donghae, our 5-year-old kid - you're good at singing, you're good at dancing, you're good at rapping, and the most important one, you're amazing at song writing. thank you for making amazing songs for SJ. we know that you always show your gloomy face lately, so we hope that you will always be happy in the future cause we really love to see your smile.

Siwon, our gesture man - thank you for always make us laugh with your funny gesture. thank you for showing infinity love for God and Kyuhyun. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. we hope that you will be able to back on stage with your brothers really soon, especially Super Show 4. but we will also support your acting career because we love you.

Ryeowook, our eternal maknae - you're one of the best singer in SJ and we're glad that you finally got your first solo song in the 4th album. we love how you always said that you're more handsome that your beloved Eunhyuk hyung. thank you for cooking delicious foods for your members. and thank you for always taking care of your baby dongsaeng, Kyuhyun, even though he's mean to you.

Kibum, our lost boy - i don't really know you. you're like a stranger for me. but even though you're not present on stage since the 3rd album, i know that your heart will always be with your members. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. please come back soon, we love you.

Kyuhyun, our evil maknae - you're definitely one of the best singer in SJ and now, you're also one of our main dancer. i know that you'll say that it's not your 6th debut anniversary, it's just your 5,5 year with SJ, but you're the one who makes SJ complete as 13 members. thank you for being a cute dongsaeng for your hyungs. thank you for being with SJ. thank you for making SJ complete. we love you.

and to our precious (+2) boys.

Zhoumi, our gentleman Mimi - you're voice is amazing. if in SJ we have KRY, then in SJM we have KRZ. thank you for taking care of your members when you're promoting in China. thank you for being their translator and thank you for teaching them Chinese. you're really precious and we love you.

Henry, our mochi boy - you're good at dancing, your violin skill is amazing, and your ability to write a song is really good. you're one of the most talented boy here. thank you for your hard work. thank you for being able to communicate with us in English. i'm sure you're teaching your members some of English too. you're really precious. we love you.

to our beloved Supermen, Super Junior.
13 (+2) boys. 6 years, 5 albums, 4 subgroups, 3 asia tours, 2 words, 1 miracle.
even though i'm not with you since the very beginning, but i have no regret of being an ELF.
thank you for everything and i'll love you 'till the end.
we will wait for you, cause we have promised already to believe in you.
i love you, Super Junior.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little Shindong.

some of you may know the little Shindong who appeared on last year's episode of Star King. he's the one that dancing to Bonamana and he's really cute. well, i won't be focusing on that little Shindong in this post. but i just met another little Shindong this afternoon. maybe you'll wondering where i met him. well, it's not in Korea, but in Indonesia.

well, we had an event called Culture Week on my university. unfortunately, today is the last day but i think this will be the most memorable one. do you know why? because there's a performance from Korean kids of Hana Kindergarden, a Korean International School, here in Jakarta, Indonesia. they were singing the Korean version of Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up, dancing to a song (i don't know what song it is), playing angklung (a traditional Indonesian music instrument), and also dancing to Super Junior's Bonamana! they modified the dance moves a little bit but they're really cute and adorable.

and then i spotted one little boy. he's a little bit chubby and have a bowl-cut hairstyle. the moment i saw him, i only have one thing on my mind. Shindong. yes, this boy reminds me a lot of Shindong. the way he danced to Bonamana reminds me a lot of Shindong. and it's seems like i'm not the only one who think he looks like Shindong because after they're finished performing, my friend came to him and called him "Shindong! Shindong!" and he laughed at it XD

that little Shindong is adorable. all that Korean kids are adorable. i feel like kidnapping all of them ><

it's been a really fun Culture Week. i hope next time, we will able to create an event like this again and invite all the kids from Hana Kindergarden again :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Hampa tanpa kehadiranmu
Bahkan angin pun tidak dapat memberikan kesejukan bagi hatiku

Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Muram tanpa kehadiranmu
Bahkan petir pun tidak dapat memberikan sensasi menegangkan bagi hatiku

Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Sedih karena engkau tidak ada di sampingku
Bahkan irama hujan yang menenangkan tidak dapat kurasakan

Aku tak tahu apa yang sedang terjadi
Langit seakan dapat membaca kegelisahan hatiku
Kegelisahan yang tercipta karena ketidakhadiranmu
Kesepian yang ada karena kamu jauh dariku

Aku mengkhawatirkanmu
Aku takut ada bahaya mengancammu ketika kamu jauh dariku
Tapi aku yakin kamu akan baik-baik saja
Dan kamu akan kembali padaku bagai matahari yang membawa kecerahan bagi dunia dan bagi hatiku

Di sore yang mendung bersama seorang teman
Serpong, 28 Oktober 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

to my beloved Opa in heaven.

today is October 18th.
it supposed to be your 86th birthday.
but you've been gone since last April.

even though you're not here with us anymore, i just want you to know that i still love you as much as i love you before because you're the only grandpa i know when i was born.
and since today is supposed to be your birthday, it feels really different cause you're not here anymore and i miss you so much.
we used to celebrate it together but now we can't do it anymore.
all that happens in the past 18 years will now be a memory that i'll cherish forever.

happy 86th birthday Opa.
i hope you're fine there and will always be fine there until all of us can meet again in heaven, someday.
i love you and i miss you.

in loving memory of our beloved Opa in heaven,
Juwana Setiawan
(October 18th 1925 - April 12th 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


our one and only Superman, Super Junior, has just released their Mr. Simple's repackage album called A-Cha. this album contains 4 new songs: A-Cha (the title track), Oops!! (feat. f(x)), A Day, and Andante. i've done a review when Mr. Simple came out, so i think i'll do the same now.

the first one will be about "A-Cha". as much as i love the boys, i must say that this song is not that impressive. not that i hate it but i kinda disappointed with the music, the dance, and also the mv. it looks like SM doesn't put any effort on it. the mv is plain, the song is not that great, the dance move is just like that. and if you look carefully, the mv looks a bit like Super Junior M's Perfection mv. take a look at it below:

the next song is "Oops!!". this song featured the vocal of f(x). at first i don't really get this song. but after i listened to it several times and read the english translation lyrics, i'm starting to like it. the lyrics are too witty, i can't stop laughing while reading it.

this song will be my most favorite song in this album. it called "A Day". since the first time i hear it, i'm blown away. this song is really beautiful and you can hear all of our boys voice. it also has beautiful lyrics. this song have a similar feeling with my favorite song from Mr. Simple album, "Y", but it actually very different. you can try to listen for it here.

the last song is "Andante". this beautiful ballad song is composed by our leader Leeteuk and our mochi boy Henry. they've been collaborated before during Bonamana era and composed a beautiful song called "All My Heart". i must say that Leeteuk and Henry are really talented in composing music cause their songs sounds good.

well, that's all my opinion about this repackage album. i hope i can do any review of more Super Junior album in the future. i know it's kinda impossible cause they'll be in hiatus for 2 years when Leeteuk enter the military but who knows if SJM is going to make any comeback soon? ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simfoni Raya Semesta.

pada tanggal 9 September yang lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk menyaksikan kelahiran stasiun TV lokal Indonesia, yaitu KompasTV. acara Grand Launching KompasTV bertajuk "Simfoni Raya Semesta" yang diadakan di Plenary Hall JCC ini dimeriahkan oleh berbagai penyanyi berbakat Indonesia. Dipandu oleh Nadine Chandrawinata, Darius Sinathrya, Shafira, Kamga, dan Chevrina, acara ini diramaikan dengan penampilan dari penyanyi-penyanyi berbakat Indonesia, di antaranya Rossa, Gita Gutawa, Marcell, Afgan, Tangga, Kotak, Nidji, Judika, Andien, Ungu, ST12. selain itu, ada juga penampilan Stand Up Comedy Indonesia yang diwakili oleh Raditya Dika dan Pandji.

berikut adalah kumpulan foto-foto dari acara ini:

KompasTV sendiri merupakan sebuah stasiun TV yang berada di bawah naungan Kompas Gramedia Group. menurut saya, KompasTV memiliki program-program yang sangat inspirasional dan sangat Indonesia, sesuai dengan tagline-nya, yaitu "Inspirasi Indonesia". acara-acara yang diproduksi menonjolkan keindahan serta seluk-beluk tentang Indonesia. meskipun KompasTV merupakan stasiun TV lokal yang paling bungsu, namun saya yakin bahwa KompasTV dapat bersaing dengan stasiun-stasiun TV lainnya dengan mengandalkan acaranya yang inspirasional ini.

sukses untuk KompasTV!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the story of me and my girls.

this is me and my best girls, Ellen and Jessica. we had our first vacation to Bali earlier this month. to be exact, from the 1st until the 5th of August.

i knew Ellen since we were in the kindergarden. we went to the same school until junior high and ever since, we've always been on the same class. she's the only one that always be my classmate. we've known each other really well. she's like my own sister now.

i knew Jessica during my 2nd year of junior high. we stayed on the same class until our last year of junior high. i was the one who created the nickname "Sapi" and lots of other nicknames for her, including my most favorite one, Jebon.

i'm very thankful of our friendship, despite the fact that we hated each other once, but i think it's the one that make our friendship grows stronger than ever.
thank you for being my best friends, my sisters. thank you for always be there for each other. i love both of you with all my heart forever <3

"We can't be separated, I'm going to miss you, I'm going to yearn for you. I love my friends. I will never forget, give me a hug, don't ever forget me. I love you..." 
Good Friends - Super Junior.