Tuesday, October 18, 2011

to my beloved Opa in heaven.

today is October 18th.
it supposed to be your 86th birthday.
but you've been gone since last April.

even though you're not here with us anymore, i just want you to know that i still love you as much as i love you before because you're the only grandpa i know when i was born.
and since today is supposed to be your birthday, it feels really different cause you're not here anymore and i miss you so much.
we used to celebrate it together but now we can't do it anymore.
all that happens in the past 18 years will now be a memory that i'll cherish forever.

happy 86th birthday Opa.
i hope you're fine there and will always be fine there until all of us can meet again in heaven, someday.
i love you and i miss you.

in loving memory of our beloved Opa in heaven,
Juwana Setiawan
(October 18th 1925 - April 12th 2011)

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