Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 years of love and happiness.

November 6th, 2005.
it was the very first time you stand on stage, performing as Super Junior. it was only 12 members back then. but 6 months later, you added one more member, the evil maknae, that makes you become 13. the incredible and irreplaceable 13 since then.

6 years later. November 6th, 2011. today.
you've gone through so much. you're not a rookie anymore. you're not an idol group anymore. you're a legend.
even though most of people think that you won't be able to survive after your 5th anniversary, but you're here now. at the 6th anniversary.
people look down at you. people not care about you. but you have the biggest supporter that will always love, support, and together with you, ELF. Ever Lasting Friends.

to our precious 13 boys.

Leeteuk, our wonderful leader - thank you for being the most wonderful leader ever. thank you for taking care of your 12 (+2) dongsaengs. thank you for not forgetting the existence of Zhoumi and Henry when you introducing the group as Super Junior. thank you for your infinity love to us, ELF. even though you'll gone to the army next year, but you're irreplaceable. there's no other leader like you. so, we will wait for you.

Heechul, our big space star - even though you're in the military service right now, but ELF won't forget about you. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of our leader. even though you rarely show your love for your members, but we know that deep in your heart you love them the most. we miss you and we will wait for you.

Hangeng, our Beijing fried rice - even though we don't want you to leave, but we respect your decision. thank you for being with Super Junior. thank you for being such a wonderful leader for Super Junior M. thank you for protecting Zhoumi and Henry. we miss you so much.

Yesung, our powerful main vocal - you're one of the best singer in SJ. but we know that deep in your heart, you want to be acknowledge as one of the main dancer. thank you for being such a unique personality. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun when you're in KRY. we hope you won't ever change.

Kangin, our strong raccoon - we know you're in the military service now but we also know that you'll be discharge really soon. thank you for always showing your love and support for the remaining members. we miss you so much and we will wait for you.

Shindong, our CEO - thank you for showing your bubbly personality to us. thank you for finally showing your beautiful voice in the 5th album. we know that at first you feel like you won't be fit in SJ but we believe in you and will always be with you.

Sungmin, our .jpeg man - we know you're quiet, but we also know that you have such a wonderful voice. thank you for always be the cheerful one. even though you said that you're the average member of SJ, but we know that you are more than that. we love you and we hope that you won't doubt our love for you.

Eunhyuk, our dancing myeolchi - you're the one and only dancing machine. thank you for always be happy. thank you for protecting Kyuhyun when both of you were in that car accident. thank you for loving your members from the bottom of your heart. we know you're really sincere and we hope that you won't ever change.

Donghae, our 5-year-old kid - you're good at singing, you're good at dancing, you're good at rapping, and the most important one, you're amazing at song writing. thank you for making amazing songs for SJ. we know that you always show your gloomy face lately, so we hope that you will always be happy in the future cause we really love to see your smile.

Siwon, our gesture man - thank you for always make us laugh with your funny gesture. thank you for showing infinity love for God and Kyuhyun. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. we hope that you will be able to back on stage with your brothers really soon, especially Super Show 4. but we will also support your acting career because we love you.

Ryeowook, our eternal maknae - you're one of the best singer in SJ and we're glad that you finally got your first solo song in the 4th album. we love how you always said that you're more handsome that your beloved Eunhyuk hyung. thank you for cooking delicious foods for your members. and thank you for always taking care of your baby dongsaeng, Kyuhyun, even though he's mean to you.

Kibum, our lost boy - i don't really know you. you're like a stranger for me. but even though you're not present on stage since the 3rd album, i know that your heart will always be with your members. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. please come back soon, we love you.

Kyuhyun, our evil maknae - you're definitely one of the best singer in SJ and now, you're also one of our main dancer. i know that you'll say that it's not your 6th debut anniversary, it's just your 5,5 year with SJ, but you're the one who makes SJ complete as 13 members. thank you for being a cute dongsaeng for your hyungs. thank you for being with SJ. thank you for making SJ complete. we love you.

and to our precious (+2) boys.

Zhoumi, our gentleman Mimi - you're voice is amazing. if in SJ we have KRY, then in SJM we have KRZ. thank you for taking care of your members when you're promoting in China. thank you for being their translator and thank you for teaching them Chinese. you're really precious and we love you.

Henry, our mochi boy - you're good at dancing, your violin skill is amazing, and your ability to write a song is really good. you're one of the most talented boy here. thank you for your hard work. thank you for being able to communicate with us in English. i'm sure you're teaching your members some of English too. you're really precious. we love you.

to our beloved Supermen, Super Junior.
13 (+2) boys. 6 years, 5 albums, 4 subgroups, 3 asia tours, 2 words, 1 miracle.
even though i'm not with you since the very beginning, but i have no regret of being an ELF.
thank you for everything and i'll love you 'till the end.
we will wait for you, cause we have promised already to believe in you.
i love you, Super Junior.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little Shindong.

some of you may know the little Shindong who appeared on last year's episode of Star King. he's the one that dancing to Bonamana and he's really cute. well, i won't be focusing on that little Shindong in this post. but i just met another little Shindong this afternoon. maybe you'll wondering where i met him. well, it's not in Korea, but in Indonesia.

well, we had an event called Culture Week on my university. unfortunately, today is the last day but i think this will be the most memorable one. do you know why? because there's a performance from Korean kids of Hana Kindergarden, a Korean International School, here in Jakarta, Indonesia. they were singing the Korean version of Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up, dancing to a song (i don't know what song it is), playing angklung (a traditional Indonesian music instrument), and also dancing to Super Junior's Bonamana! they modified the dance moves a little bit but they're really cute and adorable.

and then i spotted one little boy. he's a little bit chubby and have a bowl-cut hairstyle. the moment i saw him, i only have one thing on my mind. Shindong. yes, this boy reminds me a lot of Shindong. the way he danced to Bonamana reminds me a lot of Shindong. and it's seems like i'm not the only one who think he looks like Shindong because after they're finished performing, my friend came to him and called him "Shindong! Shindong!" and he laughed at it XD

that little Shindong is adorable. all that Korean kids are adorable. i feel like kidnapping all of them ><

it's been a really fun Culture Week. i hope next time, we will able to create an event like this again and invite all the kids from Hana Kindergarden again :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Hampa tanpa kehadiranmu
Bahkan angin pun tidak dapat memberikan kesejukan bagi hatiku

Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Muram tanpa kehadiranmu
Bahkan petir pun tidak dapat memberikan sensasi menegangkan bagi hatiku

Seperti itulah suasana hatiku saat ini
Sedih karena engkau tidak ada di sampingku
Bahkan irama hujan yang menenangkan tidak dapat kurasakan

Aku tak tahu apa yang sedang terjadi
Langit seakan dapat membaca kegelisahan hatiku
Kegelisahan yang tercipta karena ketidakhadiranmu
Kesepian yang ada karena kamu jauh dariku

Aku mengkhawatirkanmu
Aku takut ada bahaya mengancammu ketika kamu jauh dariku
Tapi aku yakin kamu akan baik-baik saja
Dan kamu akan kembali padaku bagai matahari yang membawa kecerahan bagi dunia dan bagi hatiku

Di sore yang mendung bersama seorang teman
Serpong, 28 Oktober 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

to my beloved Opa in heaven.

today is October 18th.
it supposed to be your 86th birthday.
but you've been gone since last April.

even though you're not here with us anymore, i just want you to know that i still love you as much as i love you before because you're the only grandpa i know when i was born.
and since today is supposed to be your birthday, it feels really different cause you're not here anymore and i miss you so much.
we used to celebrate it together but now we can't do it anymore.
all that happens in the past 18 years will now be a memory that i'll cherish forever.

happy 86th birthday Opa.
i hope you're fine there and will always be fine there until all of us can meet again in heaven, someday.
i love you and i miss you.

in loving memory of our beloved Opa in heaven,
Juwana Setiawan
(October 18th 1925 - April 12th 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


our one and only Superman, Super Junior, has just released their Mr. Simple's repackage album called A-Cha. this album contains 4 new songs: A-Cha (the title track), Oops!! (feat. f(x)), A Day, and Andante. i've done a review when Mr. Simple came out, so i think i'll do the same now.

the first one will be about "A-Cha". as much as i love the boys, i must say that this song is not that impressive. not that i hate it but i kinda disappointed with the music, the dance, and also the mv. it looks like SM doesn't put any effort on it. the mv is plain, the song is not that great, the dance move is just like that. and if you look carefully, the mv looks a bit like Super Junior M's Perfection mv. take a look at it below:

the next song is "Oops!!". this song featured the vocal of f(x). at first i don't really get this song. but after i listened to it several times and read the english translation lyrics, i'm starting to like it. the lyrics are too witty, i can't stop laughing while reading it.

this song will be my most favorite song in this album. it called "A Day". since the first time i hear it, i'm blown away. this song is really beautiful and you can hear all of our boys voice. it also has beautiful lyrics. this song have a similar feeling with my favorite song from Mr. Simple album, "Y", but it actually very different. you can try to listen for it here.

the last song is "Andante". this beautiful ballad song is composed by our leader Leeteuk and our mochi boy Henry. they've been collaborated before during Bonamana era and composed a beautiful song called "All My Heart". i must say that Leeteuk and Henry are really talented in composing music cause their songs sounds good.

well, that's all my opinion about this repackage album. i hope i can do any review of more Super Junior album in the future. i know it's kinda impossible cause they'll be in hiatus for 2 years when Leeteuk enter the military but who knows if SJM is going to make any comeback soon? ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simfoni Raya Semesta.

pada tanggal 9 September yang lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk menyaksikan kelahiran stasiun TV lokal Indonesia, yaitu KompasTV. acara Grand Launching KompasTV bertajuk "Simfoni Raya Semesta" yang diadakan di Plenary Hall JCC ini dimeriahkan oleh berbagai penyanyi berbakat Indonesia. Dipandu oleh Nadine Chandrawinata, Darius Sinathrya, Shafira, Kamga, dan Chevrina, acara ini diramaikan dengan penampilan dari penyanyi-penyanyi berbakat Indonesia, di antaranya Rossa, Gita Gutawa, Marcell, Afgan, Tangga, Kotak, Nidji, Judika, Andien, Ungu, ST12. selain itu, ada juga penampilan Stand Up Comedy Indonesia yang diwakili oleh Raditya Dika dan Pandji.

berikut adalah kumpulan foto-foto dari acara ini:

KompasTV sendiri merupakan sebuah stasiun TV yang berada di bawah naungan Kompas Gramedia Group. menurut saya, KompasTV memiliki program-program yang sangat inspirasional dan sangat Indonesia, sesuai dengan tagline-nya, yaitu "Inspirasi Indonesia". acara-acara yang diproduksi menonjolkan keindahan serta seluk-beluk tentang Indonesia. meskipun KompasTV merupakan stasiun TV lokal yang paling bungsu, namun saya yakin bahwa KompasTV dapat bersaing dengan stasiun-stasiun TV lainnya dengan mengandalkan acaranya yang inspirasional ini.

sukses untuk KompasTV!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the story of me and my girls.

this is me and my best girls, Ellen and Jessica. we had our first vacation to Bali earlier this month. to be exact, from the 1st until the 5th of August.

i knew Ellen since we were in the kindergarden. we went to the same school until junior high and ever since, we've always been on the same class. she's the only one that always be my classmate. we've known each other really well. she's like my own sister now.

i knew Jessica during my 2nd year of junior high. we stayed on the same class until our last year of junior high. i was the one who created the nickname "Sapi" and lots of other nicknames for her, including my most favorite one, Jebon.

i'm very thankful of our friendship, despite the fact that we hated each other once, but i think it's the one that make our friendship grows stronger than ever.
thank you for being my best friends, my sisters. thank you for always be there for each other. i love both of you with all my heart forever <3

"We can't be separated, I'm going to miss you, I'm going to yearn for you. I love my friends. I will never forget, give me a hug, don't ever forget me. I love you..." 
Good Friends - Super Junior.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hey, they're Mr. Simple!

Mr. Simple? who?
no. it's nobody. it's Super Junior's 5th album title!

released a week ago, this album has blown me away. i'm anticipating this album so much with nervousness. i keep wondering what will the album turns out, what will the title song look like. when i know that the title track is called "Mr. Simple" i was like what kind of song will this be? f(x) has Mr. Boogie, SNSD has Mr. Taxi, now.... Mr. Simple? i can't hardly imagine. i was really scared that time. what if the song is not that good? what if SJ can't win daesang again because of this song? and lots of "what if" going through on my mind.

then it's out. when i heard "Mr. Simple" my first thought was "AH! i was worried for nothing! this song is so Super Junior and they nailed it!" and it surprised me even more because they distributed the singing line equally to each member, something that really rare because KRY always dominating the song. written by the famous Yoo Youngjin, this song has the same feeling as both "Sorry Sorry" and "Bonamana." the genre "SJ Funky" will always belong to Super Junior only, so their songs will always sounded like that. you can check the not-so-simple-MV below :)

after i listened to all 12 tracks (the bonus track is SJM's "Perfection"), i was taken aback. i feel like this is the best Super Junior album so far. it's way much better than "Bonamana" album. all the tracks sound really good. and the fact that they distributed the singing line equally to each member in every song is just too beautiful since usually Super Junior album looks like KRY album. not that i hate KRY (i love them so much) but i know that the other members also can sing beautifully, maybe not as good as KRY, but all of them can sing.

i like all songs that are in this album. but some of them are really stands out. here's some of them. the first one is "Good Friends." this song is about Super Junior in this past 6 years, the story of their friendship. although this song have a very fun melody, but i can't hold my tears when i read the translation of the lyrics. it's really sad. i feel like why are they saying goodbye already? i know they won't release any Super Junior album when Leeteuk and Heechul are on the military but why is this song sounded like they're going to disband soon :| i throw away that feeling immediately by saying that maybe this is a gift song for Leeteuk and Heechul, just like "A Short Journey", a gift song for Kangin.

"Memories" surprised me a lot. at first, i thought it will be another ballad with KRY + Donghae and Sungmin. but unexpectedly, there are Eunhyuk's and Shindong's voice in it! can you imagine that? Eunhyuk and Shindong singing ballad song with KRYDS? i bursted out with happiness. finally. SM, where have you been? i always wanna hear Eunhyuk and Shindong singing, not rapping, especially after i saw them singing on one of Super Junior's Foresight episode.

"Sunflower" will be one of my most favorite song from this album. this song is really beautiful. i'm falling in love with it since the very first time i hear it. it has beautiful lyrics and melody. i can't stop listening to this song. you can try listening to it here :)

another most favorite song will be "Y", the collaboration project between our very own Donghae and OneWay's Chance. i don't know what to say. Lee Donghae is a genius. he wrote such beautiful songs, like "Beautiful", "A Short Journey", and now, "Y". you can try listening to it here :)

those are my top 5 favorite songs in this album (not in a particular order). i highly-recommended it to all of you to listen to the full-album. i swear that you won't regret it.

The Superior is back! and just like what they said in "Superman": "Super Junior is only missing the 'man' from the name 'superman'. Super Junior, the last man standing!"

Sunday, July 31, 2011

the beautiful 7.

so far, July, has been my favorite month of the year. it brings lots of great memories to share. and here i am, sharing the story of it, not in a particular order, on the very last day of July. 

in July, i managed to meet all my junior high best friends, whether it arranged or accidentally. the fact that i miss them so much making this opportunity really great. even though we met for a very short time, but it's enough to make us remember of the moments that we used to share together.

i also met one of my childhood best friend. we were really close before. we used to go to english, ballet, and swimming course together. but as time goes by, we're not that close anymore because we never be in the same class at school. we also have different friends. the fact that i almost lost contact with her for years makes me a little bit sad, but it's really nice meeting her again.

i had my birthday this month, which makes this month even more special. it's 19, the very last year of my 10s. i feel like i get matured each and every year. this birthday feels really special. i received so much love from my family, my best friends, my friends. even got a little surprise that i promised but post it here but i haven't -_- but what makes me a little bit sad is the fact that it's my first birthday without Opa. he passed away last April... it feels different :\

i also went to Dufan with my precious Tangga and TeTangga this month. it was lots of fun. you can read my post about it here but i wrote it in Indonesian :)

July also marked the 100th days after Opa's death. we spent it by visiting his ashes on the sea. i miss him so much :')

in Kpop world, there also lots of great songs released in July: One More Chance - Dana&Sunday, Good Bye Baby - miss A, In the Night Sky - After School RED, Hate You - 2NE1. and we also have Super Junior comeback teasers all-over the week. it's great, right?

July brings lots of memories. and i bet the first week of August will be a blast too. starting from tomorrow, i'll be on vacation to Bali with my best friends. i hope this trip will be as fun as we planned it :)

see you next year, July. thanks for giving me the best times of my life this year :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Return of the Superior.

sorry sorry, but it's our time. again and again and again!

Super Junior will be back with their 5th album this August.

they've been releasing each members teaser photo since last week. even though there are some faults during the revelation of the teasers, such as Kyuhyun's and Heechul's teaser that accidentally leaked before time, but it still leaves ELFs dying because of happiness and excitement.

their title track, Mr. Simple, will be released on August 2nd. the full-album will be released on August 3rd. on August 4th they'll have press conference and revealed the mv. then on August 5th, they'll have their comeback stage on Music Bank.

so, who's excited for their comeback? let's wait for the superior, Super Junior!

Monday, July 18, 2011

the fun and memorable july 15th.

Jumat, 15 Juli 2011.
Dunia Fantasi, Ancol.

here's how the story goes. pertamanya, gue Patris Kris dan Egga hanya merencanakan buat ketemuan + kumpul-kumpul barengan anak-anak Tangga di Sushi Tei, Grand Indonesia tanggal 15 Juli 2011. entah ada angin apa, tiba-tiba Tata mengusulkan buat pergi rame-rame ke Dufan dan tiketnya dia yang handle. setelah menghubungi anak-anak yang lain, akhirnya diputuskanlah untuk berubah haluan menuju Dufan.

fast forward ke satu minggu sesudahnya, akhirnya tiba juga hari yang ditunggu-tunggu. karena paginya Tangga harus perform live di daerah Karawaci, jadilah kita janjian jam 10 pagi. sekitar jam setengah 11, hampir semunya uda dateng. selain rombongan Tangga yang terdiri dari Kamga, Tata, Nerra, Chevrina, Ka Ratih, Ka Uppy, Ka Yanwar, dan Kanaya, rombongan TeTangga: gue, Patris, Kris, Debby, Adit, Ian, Jamal, dan Vera pun uda dateng. semua udah hadir, kecuali Egga. pertama kali ketemu anak-anak Tangga, inilah yang terjadi.....

Kamga: "weeehhhhh anak ilang! kemana aja lo baru keliatan sekarang? gue kangen loh ama lo!"
Tata: "wah, Park Jisung! poni lo uda berubah ya ternyata hahaha"
Nerra: "haiiii!!!"
Chevrina: "hai sayang. selamat ulang tahun!"

gue kangen banget sama mereka berempat. bayangin, terakhir kali ketemu mereka itu Mei 2010, 1 tahun 2 bulan yang lalu. gue juga kangen banget sama anak-anak TeTangga. seneng banget rasanya bisa kumpul-kumpul lagi.

sembari menunggu Egga, ada penipuan bermodus kripik pedas maicih.

Ratih: "nih cobain!"
Semua: "level berapa nih?"
Ratih: "makan dulu! abis itu gue kasitau ini level berapa"
Semua: *ambil maicih, trus dimakan*
Ratih: "level 10 nih!"
Semua: *kepedesan* (sial, ketipu ratih -_-)

lalu, ada sebuah obrolan yang menarik yang menurut gue adalah best quote i've ever said. jadi beginilah ceritanya...

Nessie: "gila ya, Naya uda gede banget sekarang, rambutnya uda panjang"
Kamga: "tuh lo liat kan, segitu banyak tuh yang lo lewatkan"
Nessie: "sampe evolusi rambut lo aja gue ga liat ya Kam"
Kamga: "yoi"
Nessie: "tapi yang jelas gue ngga ketinggalan albumnya kan? ;)"
Kamga: *hening diam cukup lama* "iya deh iya..."
Nessie: *dalam hati* HAHAHA

singkat cerita, setelah banyak obrolan ngalor-ngidul kemana-mana ngga jelas, akhirnya Egga dateng dan masuklah kita ke area Dufan. pertama kali masuk, yang ada di otak adalah "GILA! SEPI BANGET!" yup. Dufan hari itu adalah sepi pake banget karena hampir kayak ngga ada orang sama sekali. pertama masuk aja Dufan berasa punya sendiri karena kita ngga papasan sama orang lain kecuali rombongan kita. nah, kalo gini kan enak jadi nanti antrinya ngga panjang-panjang banget :)

wahana pembukaan yang direncanakan tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah Kora-Kora. tapi karena jalan buat menuju ke Kora-Kora ditutup dan kita harus muter buat sampe ke sana, akhirnya Kamga mengusulkan buat ke Rumah Miring terlebih dahulu dengan persyaratan "harus lari ya! 1 menit uda harus keluar!" akhirnya semua masuk, sementara Kamga uda lari masuk duluan. gue dan Egga yang ada di depan baruuuu sampe di luar ketika tiba-tiba dari dalem kedengeran suara Kamga teriak-teriak "overlap overlap!" gila juga ya ni orang. yang lain baru selesai 1 putaran, dia uda kelar putaran ke 2! ckck.

sampailah kita di Kora-Kora. karena kita semua maunya duduk di barisan belakang, akhirnya kita mempersilakan orang-orang yang ada di belakang kita untuk maju duluan. beberapa orang takut, sementara gue, Chevrina, Kamga adalah orang-orang yang nekat karena waktu sampe titik tertinggi, kita berdiri dan ngga pegangan sama sekali, sementara Nerra dan Patris yang ada 1 row sama kita cuma kalem diem triak2. hahaha. tapi itu belom sampe pada tahap paling gila karena masih ada yang jauh lebih gila lagi.

setelah Kora-Kora, kita pun cabut ke Hysteria. salah satu wahana paling baru di Dufan ini katanya adalah salah satu wahana terserem di Dufan. karena penasaran, kita ngga langsung antri tapi liat dulu orang-orang yang uda antri Hysteria. setelah liat semua sepakat "kok cuma gitu doang? yok maen!" gue duduk di sebelah Chevrina. pertama naik emang agak menyeramkan karena berasa kayak jantung ketinggalan di bawah. udahannya biasa aja tuh. gue sama Chev malah ketawa-ketawa di atas.

setelah Hysteria, cowok-cowok cabut sholat Jumat. daripada bengong, kita pun memutuskan buat naik jet-coaster kecil (nama di Dufan: Alap-Alap). sebelom kita, jet-coaster kecil cuma diputer 3x, begitu giliran kita sampe 4x men. jet-coaster nya sih ngga serem. cuma badan sakit-sakit semua gara-gara dipepet Egga sambil disuruh megangin kamera dia -_-

untuk membunuh waktu, kita pun masuk Istana Boneka. begitu masuk Istana Boneka, bawaannya adalah pengen tidur. hal ini dikarenakan: 1) kapal nya jalannya agak lama 2) adem banget. di dalem pun kita liat-liat sambil duduk santai. dan ternyata wahana yang satu ini cukup buat membunuh waktu karena begitu kita keluar, cowok-cowok juga udah pada kelar sholat Jumat. nah, saatnya lanjut main!

wahana yang dipilih berikutnya adalah Kicir-Kicir. gue. nggak. berani. dipaksa sih. tapi tetep nggak berani. akhirnya yang naik cuma Kamga-Chevrina, Tata-Adit, Ian-Jamal. kita yang ngga ikutan bertugas bikin dokumentasi + foto-foto sendiri ;p nah sampailah di bagian yang seru. Ian ternyata takut pake banget. begitu turun, mukanya pucet sepucet-pucetnya. Kamga bilang "di saat kayak gini, kejantanan lo diuji. Ini ibarat bokapnya cewek lo adalah galak banget. Lo mau lanjut, ato udahan!"

next, kita naik Ontang-Anting. mau bikin sedikit pengakuan. sebenarnya, dari pagi gue adalah udah pusing setengah mati, cuma gue tahan-tahan. nah, begitu naik Ontang-Anting yang merupakan kursi diputer-puter itu, makin menjadi-jadilah pusingnya. untungnya sih pusingnya ngga begitu parah jadi bisa tetep lanjut main :)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 4D dipilih jadi wahana terakhir sebelom lunch. emang dasar apes. kita berada di antrian yang cukup di ujung, jadi tempat duduk pun dapetnya yang sisa, yaitu di paling depan! jadi ngga gitu berasa deh -_-

berikutnya, kita break lunch di McDonald. ada kejadian lucu sebelom kita masuk ke McD. orang-orang tentunya dengan mudah mengenali anak-anak Tangga. nah, di deket pintu masuk, ada rombongan yang lagi makan dan tiba-tiba kasak-kusuk sendiri dengan suara cukup kenceng "itu Tangga kan? iya iya bener! yang Tata mana? Kamga yang mana?" HAHAHA kocak banget. anak-anak Tangga sepertinya nggak sadar kalo mereka diomongin. begitu gue dan Patris menceritakan hal tersebut ke Tata, komentarnya adalah "wah, gila! berarti gue ama Kamga mirip ya! hahaha..."

abis lunch, Kamga sempat menghilang. ternyata dia main Kora-Kora -_- dan dia naik Kora-Kora sambil bbm-an, telponan, pokoknya sambil mainan bb. sampe dia diliatin orang-orang. hahaha. ada lagi cerita Kamga kabur main Kora-Kora sendirian dan dia ditantangin anak SD buat adu santai naik Kora-Kora!

setelah Kamga kembali, kita lanjut main lagi. sekarang kita naik Rajawali. gue duduk berdua sama si gembul Patris. di belakang kita ada Chevrina dan Nerra. gue sama Patris kayaknya selow-selow aja sementara di belakang kita berisik sekali. kayaknya Nerra agak takut deh dan itu membuat Chevrina ketawa ngga berenti. hahaha.

berikutnya, Perang Bintang! rombongan kita kepisah-pisah. gue main bareng Patris, Debby, Tata, dan Uppy. sebelom masuk, kita sepakat adu banyak-banyakan. ternyata Debby menang karena dia nilainya paling tinggi. kedua Uppy, ketiga gue, keempat Patris, dan terakhir Tata.

next, Halilintar! jujur ya, ini adalah pertama kalinya gue naik Halilintar karena pas terakhir kali ke Dufan beberapa tahun yang lalu, wahana ini tutup -_- rombongan sebelom kita, cuma minta satu puteran. kita pun sepakat 2x puteran. Tata malah dengan gilanya ngusulin 3x puteran -_- Ian yang sebelomnya tepar karena Kicir-Kicir pun memutuskan buat main Halilintar juga. dan surprisenya, begitu kelar puteran pertama, dia ikutan teriak "lagi dong lagi!" hahaha jadi deh kita main 2x puteran.

berikutnya adalah Tornado. sebenernya gue adalah penasaran banget pengen nyobain. tapi..... takut -..- waktu dipaksa naik pun gue bilang "bates tingginya 145 cm, gue masih 140 cm" abis itu gue dipelototin orang-orang hehehe. Nerra juga ngga mau naik, tapi Kamga memaksa dengan bilang "kalo lo mau naik, gue janji gue ngga akan nyoba buat nyium elo lagi" kayaknya ini agak berhasil dan Nerra pun memutuskan buat nyobain naik. sementara itu Jamal terus maksa kita-kita dengan bilang "orang-orang pada bilang Hysteria lebih serem dari Tornado. kalo uda naik Hysteria, Tornado ngga ada apa-apanya" anyway, tidak ada yang berhasil memaksa gue, Patris, Egga, dan Kris buat naik. tapi Kamga bilang kalo nanti pada mau main, dia mau nemenin. okeh. ajaibnya, Ian mau nyoba! tapi pada akhirnya ngga jadi. akhirnya kita melihat orang-orang gila itu buat main. baru naik pertama aja Nerra mukanya uda menderita banget. gila. itu SEREM pake banget. kita-kita yang ngga naik pun bilang "untung ngga jadi naik!" putaran pertama selesai. kirain udahan. ternyata yang muncul cuma Nerra dan Tata. sementara Kamga, Chevrina, Adit, Jamal, Debby pada main satu kali lagi. satu kata: SINTING!

selanjutnya, kita main basah-basahan! Niagara-Gara pun dipilih buat jadi yang pertama. rombongan kepisah jadi 3. gue main bareng sama si gembul Patris, Kamga, Ratih, dan Uppy. di antrian Kamga sempet bilang "gue heran deh sama kalian. kalian berani naik roller-coaster tapi ngga berani naik Tornado. padahal orang kalo bikin amusement park kan daya tarik paling utama tuh roller-coaster" giliran kita main pun tiba. Kamga ditaro di paling depan, Patris, gue, Ratih, dan Uppy di paling belakang. kalo menurut Kamga ini adalah Niagara terbasah dia, sementara yang lain kayaknya kering-kering aja. paling cuma sepatu basah dikit.

next, Arung Jeram. antrinya cukup panjang tapi ngga terlalu berasa. gue main bareng Patris, Egga, Kris, Debby, Adit. baru pertama duduk aja... uda langsung basah. dan SAYA BASAH KUYUP! ini adalah arung jeram terbasah seumur hidup gue. rambut pun basah, pokoknya udah kayak tikus kecebur got -_-

demi menghindari masuk angin, kita semua pun ganti baju. pas semua ganti baju, Tata cabut duluan karena dia ngga enak badan. selesai ganti baju, kita masuk lagi buat main Bianglala. kali ini yang main cewe-cewe aja. gue, Chevrina, Nerra, Egga, Patris, Kris. karena uda malem, jadi pas sampe atas yang terlihat adalah night view nya Jakarta. bagus banget banget banget :)

abis Bianglala, kita pun memutuskan untuk cabut, birthday dinner nya Chevrina di Bandar Djakarta. perjalanan ke Bandar Djakarta pun cukup seru. Adit bawa motor ngeboncengin Egga dan Chevrina. Jamal pun ngeboncengin Nerra. dengan estimasi jarak Dufan-Bandar Djakarta yang lumayan deket, gue, Kamga, Patris, Ian, Ka Yanwar pun memutuskan buat jalan kaki. sementara Kris, Debby, Ka Ratih, Ka Uppy dan Kanaya naik shuttle bus. ternyata jaraknya jauh banget men. untung Adit balik lagi buat menjemput rombongan jalan kaki. jadilah Adit dan Jamal bolak-balik bagai tukang ojek hehe. makasih ya :) pas makan, ternyata ada mama nya Chev, ada mamse, dan ada partner duo cina Bella. uda lama banget ya ngga ketemu semuanya gini. uda kayak reunian banget.

selesai makan, rombongan pun pulang. Adit, Jamal, Ian pulang naik motor. Chevrina Nerra pulang naik mobil masing-masing. gue, Patris, Egga, Kris, Debby, Kamga, Ka Ratih, Ka Uppy, dan Kanaya naik busway.

dan dengan demikian, berakhir pula lah hari yang menyenangkan ini. capek pake banget karena perjalanan ini memakan waktu lebih dari setengah hari alias lebih dari 12 jam. tapi perjalanan ini sangat menyenangkan. terima kasih banyak untuk TeTangga untuk hari yang sangat menyenangkan ini. senang sekali bisa kumpul-kumpul lagi sama kalian :)

special thanks to: Tata for the Dufan tickets, Chevrina for the dinner, Nerra for the ride to busway shelter, Kamga for the busway adventure.

sekali lagi, terima kasih banyak semuanya. semoga rencana gathering berikutnya bisa berjalan dengan lancar. i love each and everyone of you so much. dan seperti yang Tata tweet kemaren, we are family! love you all :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the story of 13.

today: july 13, 2011.
it's a really special day for me.
it's the day i turn 19. the day i become more mature than ever. the 1st day of getting closer to my 20s.

i received too many love today.
thank you everyone for your birthday greetings and wishes through bbm, twitter, facebook, sms, fantastics.
you're really too kind.
i love each and every one of you so much :*

but, that's not main the point of this post (i'm gonna post more about this year birthday later).
what i want to share is the story of 13.
many people, especially they that really close to me, know that 13 is my lucky number.
maybe you wonder, why 13? most people agreed that 13 is a bad luck number, but i think 13 is my lucky number.
and now, i'll tell you why.

i was born on july 13, 1992 on 1:42 PM or 13:42.
my full name is: Ignez Samantha. Ignez consist of 5 letters = I-G-N-E-Z and Samantha consist of 8 letters = S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A. if you add up 5+8 then it will be 13.
i'm the 1st child among 3.
my big family (from my father's side) consist of 13 people from the oldest (my late grandpa) to the youngest (my little brother, Nelson).
and this is like the most amazing thing related to 13.
i'm a HUGE FAN of Super Junior, a Korean boy group consist of 13 members.
and my favorite member of Super Junior is Kyuhyun, the 13th member of the group.
call it a fate?

ps: i just received a very shocking surprise from my friend. i'm going to post about it later.
good night everyone :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

i am the best!

nope. i'm not talking about myself. i'm talking about my most favorite korean girl group, the one and only, 2NE1

i am the best or 내가 제일 잘 나가 (naega jeil jal naga) is one of their latest single. it's an upbeat song that have the similar feeling to 2NE1's previous singles, such as Fire, Can't Nobody, Try to Follow Me. at first, i kinda not getting the feel of the song. but the more i listen to it, the more i want to repeat it xD

this is the MV of the song. it's very AWESOME. YG Entertainment always make a MV with a very fierce concept. they don't mind to have extra-budget to make MVs because they know that the MV will be very amazing.

it's really cool, right? and one thing, Park Bom is really pretty here. i'm really tired of antis saying that Bom is fat. you can see her curvy body here and i think it really much better than skinny body. and her hair is really beautiful. i want her hair :\

maybe you can't see the dance moves clearly on that MV, but 2NE1 also released the choreography practice of i am the best. gosh, THEY CAN DANCE! once again, i'm tired of antis that keep saying Minzy is the only one that can dance in 2NE1, Bom can't dance and so on. this video proves that 2NE1 can DANCE.

well, now you'll know the reason why i love these girls so much. i don't care if people said 2NE1 is weird. i think 2NE1 is the best girl group ever because they're not afraid to be different and stay out of the box. they're totally AWESOME!

i love you Park Bom, Dara, CL, Minzy <3

Friday, June 24, 2011

dear my beloved ilkom G,

thank you for the tremendous and amazing year together. there are lots of memories that we have together. i'm surely gonna miss everyone. i ♥ you all :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

"management is as easy as eating."
- me quoting eunhyuk's words.

eunhyuk said: "chinese is as easy as eating" during SJM's activities so many times. i guess he's stressed out learning chinese cause it's really hard.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

stop the comparison.

why everyone really like to compare every girl groups, especially the newly debut groups, with SNSD?

don't get me wrong. i'm not an anti. i like SNSD too. SNSD is good. but it doesn't mean that everyone have to be compared with SNSD. every girl group have their own concept, have their own charm. and people are comparing them with SNSD by saying that they're trying to copy SNSD.

it really annoys me when i saw comments like this:

  • "SNSD is better than them"
  • "they will never be like SNSD"
  • "they're trying to copy SNSD"  ---- i just saw it on APINK's debut performance video on youtube, someone said "A PINK IS COPYING SNSD!"
and i was like "what the hell is wrong with you guys?"

i know everyone have their own opinion and different preferences, but it's not fair to compare everyone with SNSD. SNSD is not the only group in the whole world right?

if the new groups said that they wanna be as successful as SNSD, it's not weird. but to compare every new groups with the senior groups like SNSD, it just sound really wrong.

i've been trying to ignore so many times, but yeah.. it still annoys me even today.

this is the prove that some SONEs are delusional and non-realistic.

Monday, June 6, 2011

KIMCHI 2011: the most wonderful day of the year :)

june 4th, 2011 should be noted as one of the best day ever not only for me, but for all of Indonesian ELFs. why? because finally our precious Super Junior boys came to town J

we’ve been waiting for so long. Super Show 2, we didn’t get it so we’re hoping for Super Show 3. we were very nervous when they’re about to announce the list for Super Show 3 and it turned out that Indonesia is still out from the list L we were really disappointed and we started so many projects that may convince Super Junior to come here cause there’s so many ELFs here. one of the most memorable project was during the 2nd day of Super Show 3 in Singapore. we gave them gold medals with some messages from Indonesian ELFs to them. they took it, they read it, they wore it, and they kept it on their dorm in Korea J

i think it’s about time that Super Junior will come here to Indonesia. it was when @WProductions08 tweeted about KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia) on april 9th, 2011. their first tweet was “Dear Ws, the moment that u have been waiting 4 has arr. The artists performing in KIMCHI are : Park Jung Min, The Boss, Girl's Day and X-5.” the first thing that came up to my head was “are you serious? make a k-pop festival with only them as the performer?” i was about to say that i won’t be attending this event until they tweeted this not to long after that “U WANTED them, u REQUESTED them, we r BRINGING them. The last & main artist performing in KIMCHI is SUPER JUNIOR” my first reaction? stunned. i was so speechless. my heartbeat starts racing and i couldn’t control myself. i wanna tell my friends via blackberry messenger but i can’t type clearly since my hands are shaking.

time do flies so fast. it seems like they just announced that Super Junior is coming, it seems that i just purchased the tickets, ordered my lightstick, counting down, and ta-da! the day is almost here. suddenly it was just 1 day before the show and i can’t hide my excitement. Super Junior is the only thing that i can think of. and finally, it was june 4th, 2011.

i arrived at the venue at 2pm. i met my friends there. there were lots of people queuing already. all i can see was people wearing blue t-shirt. it was like Super Junior concert while in reality there were other artist performing too. but i'm not surprised cause Indonesian ELFs were waiting for this show for so long and when it finally comes true, everyone wanna watch it.

they opened the gate at 4pm, 2 hours before the show. i must tell you that it was very organized. the queue were very long, so many people, but no one broke the rules. when we finally entered the venue, we searched for the most confident place to watch (i  was in tribune 2, free seating section, the cheapest ticket price). people started to light their lightsticks and all i can see was the pearl sapphire blue sea. i was stunned and almost cry when i see it cause finally there’s pearl sapphire blue sea in Indonesia.

lights off at 6pm sharp (very on-time). we started to scream crazily. the MCs (1 Indonesian MC and 1 Korean MC) appeared. they gave brief introduction about KIMCHI. then they played the VCR about the artists that are going to perform. everybody was cheering for The Boss, X-5, Girl’s Day and Park Jungmin. but when it comes to Super Junior, everybody screaming madly.

the first performer was The Boss. i was really surprised cause they’re really good. their voice were beautiful. they sang 5 songs. i don’t know what songs they were performing but i'll find out cause i think i'm starting to like them now. by the way, Jay is really cute XD

the second performer was X-5. though they are rookies who debuted in less 2 months ago but they’re really good. they sang 3 songs. again, i don’t know what songs they were performing. i’m going to find out soon.

the third performer was Girl’s Day, the only girl group performing in KIMCHI. they sang 3 songs: Nothing Lasts Forever, Twinkle Twinkle, and one last song that i don’t know the title but it was a really good song. they are really cute and Minah have lots of fans here.

the fourth performer was Park Jungmin. i think i'm falling in love with this guy. he’s so cute, he’s so handsome, and he’s super nice. he talked using Indonesian language the most among the early performer. he sang 4 songs: Not Alone, and 3 other songs that i don’t know the title. the third song was a song about Christmas and he said that it was his first time performing this song live. lucky us, right? when Jungmin performing his last song, me and my friends were like “guess who’s next? oh my God, they’re going to perform after this!” we were really excited. my heart beating so fast. and here it goes.

save the best for last. the last performer was SUPER JUNIOR. first, they played the VCR about Siwon which he apologized to Indonesian ELFs cause he can’t be here. then they’re playing a VCR about Super Junior and the boys finally appeared on the stage! everybody was screaming crazily. i was about to cry when I heard Bonamana. i was so stunned until i didn’t realized that Kyuhyun was singing Siwon’s part in Bonamana. they were really amazing. ELFs were singing together with them (or screaming, actually).

next song was No Other. the boys looked very happy when they sang this song. Kyuhyun and Leeteuk even gave the mic to the audience to sing together during their part.

it was introduction time. Leeteuk called Henry and Zhoumi to the stage before finally introducing as Super Junior. Leeteuk, seriously, you’re the best leader among all :”) they introduced themselves. the first one was Shindong, then Sungmin. it was Yesung’s turn but he’s not paying attention so the boys have to remind him XD up next was Kyuhyun. he was really cute when he said “apa kabar? i’m Kyuhyun!” i wanna pinched his cheek cause he was like a lost boy when he said that. next was Ryeowook, then Donghae. Donghae looks like Indonesian when he said “apa kabar? nama saya Donghae!” KyuHae are the cutest. next Heechul, Eunhyuk, Zhoumi, Henry and our beloved leader, Leeteuk. Leeteuk said so many things in Indonesian. but the most memorable one was when he said “saya suka Indonesia gadis” it means “I like Indonesian girls” but he made a little cute grammatical error here.

then it was Super Junior M time to perfom! Perfection was up first. i can’t believe i can watch them performing this song live. their choreography was amazing. the second song was Super Girl. it was like the best song of Super Junior M and i love this song too much until i wanna cry when i heard the intro. it was perfect. Henry and Zhoumi were totally into it. they were really great and so lovable.

Super Junior T appeared and sang Rokkugo. it was chaos! hahahaha. Super Junior T always cheerful when they sang this song. everyone sang along with them and it was hilarious.

then all of them came to the stage again to have some talk with the fans. Leeteuk was talking about the possibility of having Super Show here in Indonesia. Kyuhyun and Henry said that they would love to have a concert in Indonesia. there was a moment where Indonesian ELFs managed to give them gold medals again. Shindong saw it first, then he put it on Kyuhyun’s neck. at first i thought that Kyuhyun only wore one medal but it turns out that he wore three of it! then Leeteuk asked Kyuhyun to said something to the fans but he said “i'm the magnae, so i can’t talk too much” after he said that Eunhyuk pushed him to the front and ask him to say anything he wants J

last song. Sorry Sorry. it was perfect for closing song cause it was like Super Junior best song among all. everyone was singing and screaming and jumping together. we don’t want this concert to come to an end but Leeteuk said “don’t worry, you will see us again in our 5th album soon”.

the encore was Korean kids singing Heal the World. then the MCs were calling the performer. starting from The Boss, X-5, Girl’s Day, Park Jungmin, and last but not least, Super Junior. what makes me almost tear up is the fact that Super Junior was the only performer that bowed to the fans :”) they are totally the best. and when other performers off the stage already, our boys were still on the stage, waving endlessly to all the fans. but our leader is totally the best. when all Super Junior members were already off the stage, he was still bowing to the fans. he even went to the wrong side of the stage. it was funny but also touching.

the whole show was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Super Junior, Park Jungmin, Girl's Day, The Boss, X-5 all gave their best performance on KIMCHI.

Super Junior totally OWNED the stage. it was only 6 songs and i lost my voice :| what will happened if i watch Super Show? it was too short but i’m more than happy. i'm more than excited. i can feel the euphoria even until now. i still can’t get over it. i want to go back to june 4th, 2011 and see their performance once again, actually not once but like forever.

thank you Super Junior for making june 4th, 2011 such a beautiful and memorable day.
thank you Super Junior for making june 4th, 2011 as one of the best days of my life.
thank you Super Junior for making june 4th, 2011 as the best saturday night ever.
thank you Super Junior for coming to Indonesia.

i love you all so much and i hope to see you again soon in Super Show 4 :*

Friday, June 3, 2011

be realistic, can you?

being a fan must be realistic. even though i’m not a sone, i know snsd songs and i love some of it. you’re a sone and i know you love all snsd songs. in my opinion (my sone friend said so too) snsd japanese’s songs have auto-tuned and disco-dangdut feels. after that you said that i’m deaf (he said it on my back and i know it) and don’t have a great music taste. you even mocked about the groups i love and said that snsd is the best group ever. i know it’s your opinion and i’m just saying my opinion, but by saying that, it proves a lot that you’re not realistic.
i’m an elf, i know super junior songs and i love almost every song of them. why do i said almost every song? because sometimes i think the music is not that good. i hate auto-tuned damn much, so i don’t like any songs that have auto-tuned on it. not only super junior songs, but 2ne1 bigbang and any other groups too. if you said that super junior songs are bad, i’m not going to mad at you cause it’s you’re damn opinion.
i’m not angry with you. i don’t hate you too. but i just want you to be a realistic fan ;)

ps: some sones are always annoying not to mention that i have 3 realistic-sones-friends-that-not-annoying but almost every sones are damn annoying.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

h a k u n a m a t a t a.

this is my song of the day. i sang this song, together with iveta, almost every time today.

hakuna matata is a soundtrack from lion king, one of my favorite disney movies. hakuna matata is swahili phrases that translated as "there are no worries". this song is a really great song. it has that fun feeling when you hear or sing the song.

it just makes me wanna watch lion king again and again and again.

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata?
Yeah. It's our motto!
What's a motto?
Nothing. What's a-motto with you?
Those two words will solve all your problems
That's right. Take Pumbaa here
Why, when he was a young warthog...
When I was a young wart hog
Very nice
He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal
He could clear the savannah after every meal
I'm a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned
And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
He was ashamed
And oh, the shame
Thought of changin' my name What's in a name?
And I got downhearted How did ya feel?
Everytime that I...
Hey! Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
Oh. Sorry
Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna matata! Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
kuna matata! Hakuna Matata! H
Hakuna Matata! H aakuna--
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
I say "Hakuna"
I say "Matata"