Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 years of love and happiness.

November 6th, 2005.
it was the very first time you stand on stage, performing as Super Junior. it was only 12 members back then. but 6 months later, you added one more member, the evil maknae, that makes you become 13. the incredible and irreplaceable 13 since then.

6 years later. November 6th, 2011. today.
you've gone through so much. you're not a rookie anymore. you're not an idol group anymore. you're a legend.
even though most of people think that you won't be able to survive after your 5th anniversary, but you're here now. at the 6th anniversary.
people look down at you. people not care about you. but you have the biggest supporter that will always love, support, and together with you, ELF. Ever Lasting Friends.

to our precious 13 boys.

Leeteuk, our wonderful leader - thank you for being the most wonderful leader ever. thank you for taking care of your 12 (+2) dongsaengs. thank you for not forgetting the existence of Zhoumi and Henry when you introducing the group as Super Junior. thank you for your infinity love to us, ELF. even though you'll gone to the army next year, but you're irreplaceable. there's no other leader like you. so, we will wait for you.

Heechul, our big space star - even though you're in the military service right now, but ELF won't forget about you. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of our leader. even though you rarely show your love for your members, but we know that deep in your heart you love them the most. we miss you and we will wait for you.

Hangeng, our Beijing fried rice - even though we don't want you to leave, but we respect your decision. thank you for being with Super Junior. thank you for being such a wonderful leader for Super Junior M. thank you for protecting Zhoumi and Henry. we miss you so much.

Yesung, our powerful main vocal - you're one of the best singer in SJ. but we know that deep in your heart, you want to be acknowledge as one of the main dancer. thank you for being such a unique personality. thank you for bringing laughter for us. thank you for taking care of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun when you're in KRY. we hope you won't ever change.

Kangin, our strong raccoon - we know you're in the military service now but we also know that you'll be discharge really soon. thank you for always showing your love and support for the remaining members. we miss you so much and we will wait for you.

Shindong, our CEO - thank you for showing your bubbly personality to us. thank you for finally showing your beautiful voice in the 5th album. we know that at first you feel like you won't be fit in SJ but we believe in you and will always be with you.

Sungmin, our .jpeg man - we know you're quiet, but we also know that you have such a wonderful voice. thank you for always be the cheerful one. even though you said that you're the average member of SJ, but we know that you are more than that. we love you and we hope that you won't doubt our love for you.

Eunhyuk, our dancing myeolchi - you're the one and only dancing machine. thank you for always be happy. thank you for protecting Kyuhyun when both of you were in that car accident. thank you for loving your members from the bottom of your heart. we know you're really sincere and we hope that you won't ever change.

Donghae, our 5-year-old kid - you're good at singing, you're good at dancing, you're good at rapping, and the most important one, you're amazing at song writing. thank you for making amazing songs for SJ. we know that you always show your gloomy face lately, so we hope that you will always be happy in the future cause we really love to see your smile.

Siwon, our gesture man - thank you for always make us laugh with your funny gesture. thank you for showing infinity love for God and Kyuhyun. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. we hope that you will be able to back on stage with your brothers really soon, especially Super Show 4. but we will also support your acting career because we love you.

Ryeowook, our eternal maknae - you're one of the best singer in SJ and we're glad that you finally got your first solo song in the 4th album. we love how you always said that you're more handsome that your beloved Eunhyuk hyung. thank you for cooking delicious foods for your members. and thank you for always taking care of your baby dongsaeng, Kyuhyun, even though he's mean to you.

Kibum, our lost boy - i don't really know you. you're like a stranger for me. but even though you're not present on stage since the 3rd album, i know that your heart will always be with your members. we know you love acting, but we do miss seeing you on stage. please come back soon, we love you.

Kyuhyun, our evil maknae - you're definitely one of the best singer in SJ and now, you're also one of our main dancer. i know that you'll say that it's not your 6th debut anniversary, it's just your 5,5 year with SJ, but you're the one who makes SJ complete as 13 members. thank you for being a cute dongsaeng for your hyungs. thank you for being with SJ. thank you for making SJ complete. we love you.

and to our precious (+2) boys.

Zhoumi, our gentleman Mimi - you're voice is amazing. if in SJ we have KRY, then in SJM we have KRZ. thank you for taking care of your members when you're promoting in China. thank you for being their translator and thank you for teaching them Chinese. you're really precious and we love you.

Henry, our mochi boy - you're good at dancing, your violin skill is amazing, and your ability to write a song is really good. you're one of the most talented boy here. thank you for your hard work. thank you for being able to communicate with us in English. i'm sure you're teaching your members some of English too. you're really precious. we love you.

to our beloved Supermen, Super Junior.
13 (+2) boys. 6 years, 5 albums, 4 subgroups, 3 asia tours, 2 words, 1 miracle.
even though i'm not with you since the very beginning, but i have no regret of being an ELF.
thank you for everything and i'll love you 'till the end.
we will wait for you, cause we have promised already to believe in you.
i love you, Super Junior.

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