Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little Shindong.

some of you may know the little Shindong who appeared on last year's episode of Star King. he's the one that dancing to Bonamana and he's really cute. well, i won't be focusing on that little Shindong in this post. but i just met another little Shindong this afternoon. maybe you'll wondering where i met him. well, it's not in Korea, but in Indonesia.

well, we had an event called Culture Week on my university. unfortunately, today is the last day but i think this will be the most memorable one. do you know why? because there's a performance from Korean kids of Hana Kindergarden, a Korean International School, here in Jakarta, Indonesia. they were singing the Korean version of Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up, dancing to a song (i don't know what song it is), playing angklung (a traditional Indonesian music instrument), and also dancing to Super Junior's Bonamana! they modified the dance moves a little bit but they're really cute and adorable.

and then i spotted one little boy. he's a little bit chubby and have a bowl-cut hairstyle. the moment i saw him, i only have one thing on my mind. Shindong. yes, this boy reminds me a lot of Shindong. the way he danced to Bonamana reminds me a lot of Shindong. and it's seems like i'm not the only one who think he looks like Shindong because after they're finished performing, my friend came to him and called him "Shindong! Shindong!" and he laughed at it XD

that little Shindong is adorable. all that Korean kids are adorable. i feel like kidnapping all of them ><

it's been a really fun Culture Week. i hope next time, we will able to create an event like this again and invite all the kids from Hana Kindergarden again :)

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