Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hey, they're Mr. Simple!

Mr. Simple? who?
no. it's nobody. it's Super Junior's 5th album title!

released a week ago, this album has blown me away. i'm anticipating this album so much with nervousness. i keep wondering what will the album turns out, what will the title song look like. when i know that the title track is called "Mr. Simple" i was like what kind of song will this be? f(x) has Mr. Boogie, SNSD has Mr. Taxi, now.... Mr. Simple? i can't hardly imagine. i was really scared that time. what if the song is not that good? what if SJ can't win daesang again because of this song? and lots of "what if" going through on my mind.

then it's out. when i heard "Mr. Simple" my first thought was "AH! i was worried for nothing! this song is so Super Junior and they nailed it!" and it surprised me even more because they distributed the singing line equally to each member, something that really rare because KRY always dominating the song. written by the famous Yoo Youngjin, this song has the same feeling as both "Sorry Sorry" and "Bonamana." the genre "SJ Funky" will always belong to Super Junior only, so their songs will always sounded like that. you can check the not-so-simple-MV below :)

after i listened to all 12 tracks (the bonus track is SJM's "Perfection"), i was taken aback. i feel like this is the best Super Junior album so far. it's way much better than "Bonamana" album. all the tracks sound really good. and the fact that they distributed the singing line equally to each member in every song is just too beautiful since usually Super Junior album looks like KRY album. not that i hate KRY (i love them so much) but i know that the other members also can sing beautifully, maybe not as good as KRY, but all of them can sing.

i like all songs that are in this album. but some of them are really stands out. here's some of them. the first one is "Good Friends." this song is about Super Junior in this past 6 years, the story of their friendship. although this song have a very fun melody, but i can't hold my tears when i read the translation of the lyrics. it's really sad. i feel like why are they saying goodbye already? i know they won't release any Super Junior album when Leeteuk and Heechul are on the military but why is this song sounded like they're going to disband soon :| i throw away that feeling immediately by saying that maybe this is a gift song for Leeteuk and Heechul, just like "A Short Journey", a gift song for Kangin.

"Memories" surprised me a lot. at first, i thought it will be another ballad with KRY + Donghae and Sungmin. but unexpectedly, there are Eunhyuk's and Shindong's voice in it! can you imagine that? Eunhyuk and Shindong singing ballad song with KRYDS? i bursted out with happiness. finally. SM, where have you been? i always wanna hear Eunhyuk and Shindong singing, not rapping, especially after i saw them singing on one of Super Junior's Foresight episode.

"Sunflower" will be one of my most favorite song from this album. this song is really beautiful. i'm falling in love with it since the very first time i hear it. it has beautiful lyrics and melody. i can't stop listening to this song. you can try listening to it here :)

another most favorite song will be "Y", the collaboration project between our very own Donghae and OneWay's Chance. i don't know what to say. Lee Donghae is a genius. he wrote such beautiful songs, like "Beautiful", "A Short Journey", and now, "Y". you can try listening to it here :)

those are my top 5 favorite songs in this album (not in a particular order). i highly-recommended it to all of you to listen to the full-album. i swear that you won't regret it.

The Superior is back! and just like what they said in "Superman": "Super Junior is only missing the 'man' from the name 'superman'. Super Junior, the last man standing!"

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